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These are three English words that are very often misused, and it can be quite confusing to understand when to use which one.

However, it is really important to be able to distinguish the differences in these words and how and when to use them.

THERE – Definition and Examples

The word THERE is used both as a pronoun and as an adjective and it is used to:

  • show direction or position
  • show that something does exist
  • often used at the beginning of many sentences


There’s is the abbreviation of “there is”
There’s your shopping
There’s your coat
Put your cost down there.
Can you see that car over there?
There is still hope
He is there now
Is she there yet?
There are many chemists in our village
I hope there is no rain tomorrow
There must be a different way to do this
I did not know there was sugar in my coffee
There is supposedly a party tonight
There is one church in town
What’s that over there?
Your pen is there on the table
Can you see the clouds up there?
There is going to be a thunderstorm tonight

THEIR – Definition and Examples

The word THEIR is a possessive pronoun

  • It comes from the word “they”
  • It describes a noun


Their books are old
Their shoes are nicely polished
Those are their belongings
They forgot to bring their coats
They didn’t do their homework
Their legs were not shaven
Their faces were pale
Their car is white
The car over there is theirs
This is their dog
Their dog always barks in the evening
Going to the cinema was their idea
Is that their house?
What are their friends called again?
Oh dear, I forgot their names
Their plane was delayed, and they were happy to finally get home

THEY’RE – Definition and Examples

The word THEY’RE

  • Is a contraction of “they are”
  • It is similar to other contraction like won’t for will not


They’re happy to finally be home
They’re going to arrive at ten o’clock
Can you understand what they’re saying?
I can’t believe it, they’re late again!
They’re getting on my nerves, with all that laughing
They’re not leaving on Friday anymore
I believe they’re coming for dinner tonight

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