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These 2 words “Think or Mean” can be confusing at times and I hope that the table below, helps you to understand how to use them.

Think – the power of the mind, is often used as:

A personal opinion or judgementI think this is a pretty dress.

I think he’s very greedy.

I think she’s very pretty.

The act of thinkingThink where you last saw your bag and then you will remember where you put it.

I think so too.

In presumptionsI think it will snow tomorrow
As a verbThey all thought you should get a promotion.

We’ve been thinking of buying a new car

I’ve been thinking of joining a gym class.

In QuestionsWhat do you think she’ll do next?

Do you think this pullover is red or blue?

Mean – to intend to, by which means, or nasty, is often used as:

A verb, to explain our intentionsI meant to call you yesterday but totally forgot.

I mean what I say.

A noun, e.g. to explain a meaning

(plural of mean is “means”)

An adjective, unkind, nasty or cruel

What does this word mean?

You haven’t understood me, I mean I will call you Sunday and not Saturday.

What do you mean?

Written letters are a mean of communication

Do you have the means to pay for this?

A means of transport is railways. Catching a train.

The mean of the numbers is the average.

This person is really mean.

This child is mean, he bullies other children.

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